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Practical Tips on Dressing a New-born Baby

Practical Tips on Dressing a New-born Baby

Practical Tips on Dressing a New-born Baby

The soon-to-be-parents purchase dresses even before the baby's arrival. But, babies are most likely to grow out of those clothes quite fast. Would you like to know how to dress your newborn baby in the best way? This blog is an attempt to address practical tips for dressing up a new-born baby.

Here the attempt is to equip would-be parents with sufficient knowledge about clothes to make it easier for them to pick outfits and dress the baby in an ideal fashion. And buying too many baby clothes will only burn a hole in your pocket because the baby is most likely to grow out of those clothes in a matter of a few months. Let’s look at the tips now.

Tips for Dressing a New Born Baby

While there may be parents who are quite particular about the aesthetics of a baby’s clothes, it is not something to be concerned about at such an early stage. The most important criterion when it comes to a baby’s clothes is comfort. Now let’s look at the tips, these include:

Clothes with Open Front: Choosing clothes for babies is not the same as doing it for toddlers. There are a special set of clothes, made in such a way that it becomes easy to change nappies, etc. Most ideal are clothes that open down from the front, it is easier to dress the baby this way and also change nappies. In cases when the family is on the move, it becomes much easier to change clothes in quick time.

Select Natural Fibres: Some babies have very delicate skin and at times certain cloth-types cause rashes or irritations. This calls for parents to select clothes entirely made of cotton or natural fibres to reduce any chances of skin irritation from clothes. When you go shopping - ask for baby clothes made from “brushed cotton” or “cotton fleece”, these happen to be smooth in texture with the least probability of causing any kind of irritation.

Avoid Choke Hazards: It may not be the case with every piece of clothing but some baby clothing does carry buttons and other accessories. Before buying such clothes, you need to ensure that all such items are secure enough and do not easily fall off posing a risk to the baby. Babies by their very nature tend to put everything they lay their hands on, into the mouth, and the same applies to small objects like buttons.

Ensure it Fits Right: As mentioned earlier when choosing baby clothes – the comfort of the baby is of paramount importance. If the clothes are not comfortable, the baby will show irritability. The same principle applies if the outfit is too tight. The most prudent thing to be done while buying baby clothes is to buy one size bigger than the current size of the baby.

Add a Blanket: While you dress up the baby to step-out ensure to keep the baby covered with at least a small blanket. It would help the baby warm at all times regardless of the weather outside. And in case the weather is chilly, then do not forget to add a cozy cap.

Pick Machine Washable Clothes: Taking care of the baby is likely to take up all your time, without time for anything else. It will not be possible for you to take up hand washing. Hence the best choice is to go with machine-washable clothes, which can easily be washed and dried in the washing machine. Besides this, the baby will be required to be changed at least a couple of times and an entire set of fresh clothes should always be available.

While it may be a tad difficult to select the correct set of baby’s clothes. You need not lose sleep over it, as far as the baby is concerned, you should be able to keep the baby comfortable. And in a tropical place like South India, babies need not be covered all the time because the weather is warm. Only when you venture out with the baby is when you really need to dress up the baby. Overall, it is all about not making the wrong choice when buying baby clothes. When in doubt, ask an elder who has done it before.

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