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BABY ESSENTIALS - List of Things You Need to Buy

BABY ESSENTIALS - List of Things You Need to Buy

BABY ESSENTIALS - List of Things You Need to Buy

Being prepared with the baby’s birth can ensure there is no last-minute running around to get the most necessary baby essentials once the baby arrives. There need not be a long list of items to be bought but remaining organized with the bare essentials will make it easier on the parents. 

This blog is an attempt to interest readers about the most essentials items, that one should keep ready before the arrival of the baby, here it is:


  • Nappies & Diapers: Newborns are required to be changed at least 10-12 times in a day, so it is prudent to keep a stock ready for few days in advance. Even if you are using cotton nappies made from old clothes, it is vital to keep a set of disposable diapers handy just in case. The market has a lot of other nappies other than these two, there are ready-made cotton nappies or reusable nappies are also available in the market. There are even nappies that come with drawstrings and Velcro which do not require nappy pins. 


  • Baby Clothes: Select clothes for the baby depending on the season, choose a range of onesies or leggings. For the convenience of removal, select outfits that are snap down at the front and all the way down to the leg, and as far as possible there needs to enough room for diaper change as well. For leggings and pants, opt for elastic waistbands that easily fits over the baby’s diaper and belly. It is suggested to avoid ill-fitting clothes no matter how cute they look. Such clothing can be found an infant cloth shop in Kerala or the best baby clothes store in Kerala, it is better known as


  • Nappy or Booster Pads: This is used for catching the poo within the pad before it soaks the diaper wet. These are available as washable or disposable lines. Booster or nappy pads come with extra absorbency and can be really handy during the night time. 


  • Changing Mat: This is a protective plastic sheet that is put on the bed to prevent from getting wet from baby’s urine or poo. It can be a live saver especially if your baby is used to passing urine more than the normal frequency. Moreover, not everyone has the luxury to change the bedding and bedsheets when there is a whole lot of baby’s clothes waiting to get washed. Thus, changing mat is one of the essentials when having a baby at home. 


  • Hand Towels: Babies are used to burping out milk every now and then. This can dirty the clothes of the adults who are carrying them. To prevent this from happening, hand towels are placed on the shoulders of adults and the baby’s mouth is wiped as and when required.


  • Crib or Cradle: While it is not recommended for the baby to be put in a cradle for the first six months, it is a good idea to acclimatize the baby to a crib or a cradle. Ideally, babies needed to put on the same cot as you for the initial six months. 

  • Bath Tub: This makes it entirely easy for the mother to give a bath to the baby because it allows the baby to be held securely during the time of the bath. Explore all options before deciding on the bathtub, choose as per the convenience of the mother.   



While we may have suggested baby essentials for the first six months, there is a whole lot of shopping that is required for the baby in the future. This can include feeding bottles, baby bag, pram or stroller, mosquito net, and even toiletries. Raising a baby is a tough job but when done well can be the most rewarding experience in one’s lifetime. Above all, ensure that the baby’s comfort takes precedence over everything else when it comes to choosing baby accessories. One of best places for infant clothes online shopping or kids wear online shopping is based out of Kerala.

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