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Unmissable Tips for Dressing a New-born Baby this Summer

Unmissable Tips for Dressing a New-born Baby this Summer

Unmissable Tips for Dressing a New-born Baby this Summer

New-born babies aren’t really born with the capability to regulate their temperature as adults. This makes them highly vulnerable to temperature changes, and it becomes imperative that enough care is taken to make the baby comfortable especially during summer. This is the time when babies are susceptible to overheating and heatstroke that can have far-reaching consequences for the baby in the long-term.

This blog sheds light on how to keep a baby dressed during summer. New parents must have sufficient knowledge about the dos and don’ts about baby’s dressing during summer. These are tips that can serve as pointers for dressing the baby during summer, here it is:

Opt for a Single Layer: While it may be necessary to keep the baby warm during the winter with multiple layers, no such need exists during summer. As far as possible, opt for a single layer of clothing for the baby, else there is a good probability of the baby experiencing overheating or even dehydration.

Avoid Socks: Studies suggest that a baby only sweats from the neck, hands, feet, and head. Hence these places must be left alone without any kind of covering. In case, you happen to be particular about covering the baby’s feet, then opt for sandals that allow the feet to breathe without the risk of overheating associated with socks.

Use a Hat: While going outdoors on a sunny day, provide the baby with a hat with a rim to give extra protection from the direct rays of the sun. Opt for hats made up of breathable material and ensure that it fits just right. Going without any protection has the chance of burning the baby’s delicate skin.

Give Eye Protection: If you are planning to spend a day in the sun on the beach. It becomes necessary that the baby is provided with a pair of glasses to keep the eyes protected from the Sun’s UV rays. While the baby may resist any kind of cover on the eyes, you could still try to ensure that baby’s eyes remain protected.

Get an Umbrella: If the baby refuses both the cap and glasses, then instead of focussing on accessories, the baby can be shaded by the canopy of an umbrella. You can opt for highly colourful umbrellas available in the market which would keep even the baby interested. As far as possible do not let direct rays of the sun touch the baby’s delicate skin.

The Indian weather is predominantly sunny, and most families with small children generally go with only nappies during these warm months. However, when there is a need to go out with the baby, it becomes important that the baby is dressed in a manner that is pleasing. Parents can especially pay heed to the above pointers while stepping out with the baby, else the baby will be quite happy with a minimal amount of clothing inside the house. Ultimately, it is all about catering to the comfort of the child in those crucial early days.