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Best New Year (2021) Gifts for Babies

Best New Year (2021) Gifts for Babies

Best New Year (2021) Gifts for Babies

No one ever goes to visit a baby for the first time without a gift, it is a good-will gesture on the part of the visiting guest. The baby may not remember the gift, but the guest certainly makes a good impression on the parents by being part of the celebratory occasion. 

Well on the surface, it may certainly look simple, but buying a gift for a baby is not all that easy. The gift has to be thoughtful enough and should have practical usage for the baby. This can put us in a tricky situation if we are someone without any past experience with babies. 

The write-up is meant for such readers, who cannot decide on what to gift a baby. The blog can provide guidance to the reader on the choices he/ she when it comes to selecting a gift. Here it is:

  • Baby Clothing Set: Babies can be messy, and require a change of clothes every now and then. This makes clothing set a considerate gift for the baby. We would suggest you stick with cotton dress material, as synthetic material may cause potential harm to the delicate skin of the baby. There are umpteen number of designs to choose from if you happen to be buying from HappyKid.
  • Portable Baby Bed: This is a gift that would only be thought of by very few people. But will be greatly appreciated by all parents. A portable bed can ensure that the baby sleeps with an added level of comfort. Besides comfort, a portable bed can ensure that the baby sleeps securely without the danger of falling off from the bed. 
  • Baby Diaper Set: Parents are known to spend a great deal of money buying diapers. By gifting a set of diapers to a new-born baby will help the parents save some money. But it can be a good idea to check in advance with the parents about the kind of diaper they have been using for the child. 
  • Baby Carrier: New parents often find it tough doing regular chores with a baby in hand. A baby carrier can be a great gifting idea, which would free up their hands and give them the necessary freedom to move about while holding the baby up close. There are many designs available in the market but the most popular seems to be the “Wrap” and “Sling-type” carrier. 
  • Baby Bath Products: Giving a bath to the baby is unlike adults taking a regular shower. Specially made baby products are used while giving a bath to a baby, it can be a prudent idea to gift a set of baby bath products. Before buying the product, ensure to check whether it is labelled baby-friendly. It may happen that the product you buy is meant for toddlers or grown-up kids not suited for babies. 
  • Swaddling Blanket: Babies are often known to soil their swaddling blankets as soon as they are out of their diapers. Hence, a parent would always prefer having as many swaddling blankets as possible. Hence it can be a good idea to gift a swaddling blanket for the new-born child.
  • Feeding Essentials: Feeding is an important component of raising a baby. There needs to multiple bottles and nipple caps for the baby as a necessity. Hence, it would be of great help if someone presents baby feeding products as a gift to the baby. 
  • Gift Cards: People often shy away from giving gift cards as it is considered impersonal. But if you have trouble picking up the ideal gift for the baby, it can be utterly practical on your part to present gift cards to the parents. With a gift card, you are giving the parents the option to choose their own gift that is best for the baby.


Being a parent can be overwhelming at times, given the disruption of schedule that happens with the arrival of a baby. New parents can be best served with a little personal time, away from the responsibility of being a parent. If you are someone close to the parents, it can be a really good idea to offer help with babysitting. Personal time may be the best non-tangible gift that can be given to new parents, who sometimes need a break from being parents 24X7.