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Tips to Shop Safe Baby Gifts For Babies & Young Children

Tips to Shop Safe Baby Gifts For Babies & Young Children

Tips to Shop Safe Baby Gifts For Babies & Young Children

Most of us give toys as gifts to babies during visits and special occasions. One needs to consider the fact whether the toy is safe enough for the baby. In today’s market, there is a good selection of toys and one should be careful in selecting them. This blog is an attempt to interest readers on the safety aspect of selecting a gift. Here we are going to spell out things that could be considered when shopping for a gift for a baby:


  • Size of the Toy: Any toy that you choose must be larger than 3cm in diameter and 6cm in length, this is to ensure that the toy is not swallowed by the baby. Things can get really messy if, god forbid, the toy gets lodged in the wind-pipe of the child and suffocating the child. You can always check with the shop-keeper who can provide a better judgment of the suitability of the toy for a young baby.


  • Caution with Stuffed Toys: These tend to typically stand out among toys for their endearing look and feel. But introducing them to a young baby is fraught with danger. The baby could unknowingly choke on the stuffed animal if left unsupervised. Also, the material used for making the stuffed must be durable enough to ensure the baby does not end up swallowing it.


  • Chew-resistant: Every toy that gets introduced to a baby is more or less likely to go into the mouth of the baby by default. No one can really control baby’s behaviour but we can always ensure that the toy is chew-resistant and utilizes standard non-toxic colours that do not harm the baby when bitten. This has become all the more important with the news of Chinese toys in the market with lead residues that can pose harm to babies. In such a scenario, it is best to double-check the labels for safety standards followed by the toymakers. 


  • Check for Sharp Edges: In some cases, the toy may fulfil all the above criteria but may have sharp edges. These are likely to pose danger to the child and the child can accidently poke himself/ herself in the eye or face. The best way to determine sharp edges to feel the toy in one’s hand and see whether some corners or edges pose such a hazard to the child. 


  • Avoid Battery-Operated Toys: When introducing battery-operated toys to a baby always gift a toy where the battery case is securely tightened with screws. This would ensure that the child does not accidently open it and put it in the mouth. Batteries pose not only a choking hazard for the child but also contain harmful chemicals that are like to ooze out when handled differently.



Gifting a toy to a young child might be a one-off situation, but it comes with the added responsibility of ensuring that the baby does not end up harming him/herself. When buying a toy, it is always good not to cut corners and be generous enough in offering a gift that is safe and comes from a standard toymaker. It does not matter, even if it cost a little extra – the magnanimity of the gesture of gifting must not turn out have opposite results where the baby’s life is put into danger. Above all, the birth of a baby is an occasion for celebration – make it GRAND.    

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