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Tips to Protect Babies from Monsoon Diseases

Tips to Protect Babies from Monsoon Diseases

Tips to Protect Babies from Monsoon Diseases

Monsoon is not  a fair season for babies. It comes with a lot of diseases. We need to take precautions and special care to save babies from monsoon diseases. Definitely you have your own ways to protect your babies from such issues. Babies as well as breastfeeding mothers need special care in this season, especially in the era of COVID-19. Get enlightened with what things you need to take care of babies. These days we mostly stay indoor, and here we zero in on indoor precautions rather than outdoor.

Personal Hygiene: Personal hygiene applies to parents, babies, as well as those who have direct contact with the baby. Give your baby a daily bath or sponging. Make sure the baby’s body is dried after the bath. Change the baby diaper regularly. A prolonged use might bring infection and other diseases. Instead of disposable, you can use reusable baby diapers. And give your baby diaper breaks. As a parent you regularly clean your hands using sanitizer or soap and water. Ensure the overall personal hygiene. 

Clean the Surroundings: A non-hygienic space is the hub of germs, especially in the monsoon season. There are several water-borne diseases that make the babies fall sick every now and then. To prevent that, make sure your home and its surroundings are hygienic. Inspect the surroundings prior to monsoon. trim the paramb, remove all the objects that help mosquito breeding. Clean your house every day, as usual, and keep it dry. 

Proper Clothing: As you give importance to winter newborn clothes, the rainy season too demands special clothes for babies. Even if it’s the rainy season it’s always better to go with soft cotton clothes for your baby. While not sleeping you can cover him with a cotton sheet, and go with full sleeve clothes which will be a perfect option for nightly sleep. At the same time, ensure the cloth is completely dried. Damp cloth may bring discomfort and disease too. 

Repel Mosquitos: It’s a festive season for mosquitos. Mosquitoes reproduce countlessly even in a spoonful of stagnant water. They are carriers of several contagious diseases such as dankippani, malaria, shigella and so on. You can do multiple things to repel the mosquitoes. First of all, block all the ways mosquitoes could enter the room. A mosquito net bed for babies is a must have. Read more about ‘How to Protect your child from mosquito bites’ from our blog.

Cooled boiled water only: Other than breastfeeding you might have been giving water to your baby. Never give normal water in the rainy season. Give only cooled boiled water even if it’s one teaspoon. There are several chances of getting diseases through water. Besides, mothers should eat healthy food as well.


These are quite useful tips you should implement in the monsoon season for your baby’s health. As you know there are multiple types of diseases that come up in the rainy season. Keeping all these in mind, you have to strictly follow guidelines from the health department. They give all the information of each disease and how you can take precautions to prevent it. Learn and follow them. If the child gets affected by any disease, consult a doctor without hesitation.

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