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Things You Should Know About Baby Cradles

Things You Should Know About Baby Cradles

Things You Should Know About Baby Cradles

Undoubtedly, baby hammocks or different kinds of baby cradles are prominent in Indian tradition. Among newborn baby products, it stands out for various reasons. To choose the best cradle and cradle accessories, it’s always good to know its types and important facts about cradles. Let’s see some facts and aspects of cradling here.

How Long Can a Baby Stay in a cradle?

Most parents in India get their babies to sleep in cradles even though they have already crossed one year. It’s  not a good custom to use a cradle for a baby over 1 year. It’s suggested that a baby can stay in a cradle upto 6 to 8 months. As they cross 8 months, they have to be moved to a crib. Mother and baby should sleep in the same room, but sleeping in the same bed is not a good idea.

Cradle Hold

First of all, cradling is not all about baby cradles. We do it without a cradle, don’t we? Yes, we lift the baby to our chest and cradle them. Let’s consider this as the basic level of cradling. To cradle the baby with your hands, you should first clean your hands. Pick up the baby onto your chest. Gently slide her hand supporting her head and neck down along her back, allowing her head and neck to slide along your forearms. Cradling is effortless and effective with a newborn swaddle.

Even though it is widely used to make the babies drowsy, it has other benefits as well. Did you know a newborn can see only about 8 to 15 inches away? Lifting and holding onto the chest would help the baby to familiarize with your face. Also, it comforts the baby by gently cradling in your hands since it’s the natural way of cradling.

Traditional Cradle

Our traditional cradle is the cloth cradle and it can be found at most homes in contemporary times too. In fact, there are a few studies in the US suggesting that it’s not safe for the baby due to the higher chance of falling. But in India, we have been using it for centuries at our homes. Apart from that, it is quite good for the baby in the earlier months. A good cotton cradle is safe. It helps you to get the baby to sleep so easily, and the shape covers the baby in a way that mimics a womb. These days you can buy a baby cradle online. You should make sure the cradle cloth is strong and made of good quality cotton. 

Bed Cradle with Walls

Do you have safety concerns, yet you want a traditional one? Then you have to check a bed cradle with walls. These rectangular shaped cradles are totally safe with walls, and it offers a space for the babies to crawl if they want to. The bed gives an immense comfort and lets them sleep peacefully day and night. Let it be any type, you should not rock fast, even if the baby likes it. Especially, we put the baby to sleep after breastfeeding, and rocking will make them uncomfortable. 

Being all these said, you are supposed to buy other baby cradle accessories as well. A mosquito net is top essential for the baby, especially with traditional cradles to repel mosquitoes. Cradle spring, hanger, rope are some of the accessories you should get along with the cradle, and luckily, all of them are available online. 

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