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Make Onam Colourful with Beautiful Kids Outfits

Make Onam Colourful with Beautiful Kids Outfits

Make Onam Colourful with Beautiful Kids Outfits

The Onam festival in Kerala is beautiful with colours of flowers and new dresses. Buying a pair of new onam traditional dresses is a vital part of the celebration. Choosing Onam dress for babies is even more interesting and exciting. In this blog, let’s explore some marvellous onam special dress ideas for your baby girls and baby boys. 

Onam Traditional Dress Code 

There, definitely, is a dress code for the festival. For adults, the traditional dress code followed during the festivals are basically a white, off white or cream saree with a golden border for women and white-colored dhoti with golden lace combined with a shirt or kurta for men. Being that said, Keralites do not strictly follow the white/cream colour code, instead choose colourful outfits as well. 

Onam Outfits for Kids & Babies

As we talk about colourful dresses, we need to talk about kids as well. For kids, we do not need to strictly follow the traditional dress code as it is, but we can have great onam outfit ideas for baby girls and boys. Let’s start with what dress we can gift our little buddies for the occasion.

Onam Outfit for Baby Boys

For baby boys, Kurti matching with good pants in the same colour is a good option. However, it’s not easily applicable for newborns until and unless there is a brief photoshoot session. Otherwise it may lead to discomfort for newborn babies. However, you can find an attractive onam dress collection for newborn babies at Happykid online store including dungaree sets, t-shirt and rompers in impressive colour combinations. And you can shop with a special limited time onam offer. 

Onam Dress for Baby Girls

In fact, there are more onam traditional dresses for girls than boys; here are more possibilities in design. When it comes to type, frock is the best with a whole lot of attractive designs. Frocks for baby girls can be colourful and impressive. You can go in traditional cream colour. Instead of going a single colour, the skirt can be in one colour and top can be in another colour as well. 

Colour Combinations

Choosing the colour of the dress is interesting, since it should vibe with the mood of the celebration as well. Whitish cream colour is the perfect for Onam, since it is traditional. Besides, red, yellow and green are quite popular for the Onam festival. There can be a theme for the whole family that would look marvelous in photos.

Onam Kids Dress Collection

Happykid has introduced an amazing collection of dresses for kids, where you can choose your favourite kids outfits for your little one. Onam special offer would make your purchase double sweet for Onam 2021.  

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