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How to Protect Your Baby from Mosquito Bites?

How to Protect Your Baby from Mosquito Bites?

How to Protect Your Baby from Mosquito Bites?

Mosquitos are capable of spreading several diseases, and protecting our babies from them is quite important. We can take a handful of actions to protect our babies from mosquito bites, and give them a pieceful life. Also, mosquitoes are not just harmful because they spread diseases. We all know how terrible they are when they are around. 


What pops into your mind when you hear the word ‘mosquito’? The unending buzzing in the darkness, the irksome itching, the bumps on the skin, or a debilitating viral disease? Whatever it is, the tiny insect is annoying as well as dangerous. Sometimes it’s not easy to repel mosquitos, even for adults. Then, how terrible mosquitoes could be in the lives of babies? Let’s repel mosquitoes now and save our babies.

Put on Protective Dress: Mosquitoes just want to taste the human blood from wherever it is available and accessible. The body of a baby is quite soft and delicate, thus it’s easier for mosquitoes to suck the blood out. They attack the exposed body parts. 

The first step to repel mosquitos is cover them in protective clothing. It’s better to wear a long-sleeved light coloured dress. Considering the weather and room temperature, you can choose either single layered or multi-layered. In summer, a single layer dress would do. Additionally, when the feet are covered in socks, the mosquito has no choice but to go back.

Use Mosquito Net: As you might know, we have several options to choose from. Along with ensuring the quality of the net bed, it’s important to look at its features. If you choose a foldable mosquito net, you can carry it anywhere, and it would be pretty comfortable. At the same time, a mosquito net bed makes the days and nights of a baby safer and more comfortable since it is net and bed combined. Choosing a cradle with mosquito net is also pivotal. This can save the baby even from the disturbing buzz. 

Use Natural Repellent: Commercially made natural mosquito repellent is a good method to protect from mosquitos, but it is not recommended for babies under two months. However choosing the best mosquito repellent and applying it in the proper way is highly vital. Don’t apply it on any wounds or cuts. Use the minimal amount of cream/spray sufficient for the baby. Also, wash it off with water and soap when it’s unnecessary.

Organize the Room: Mosquitoes are not admirers of cleanliness. They lay their eggs in stagnant water bodies, spend their time in dirty places and come to our bodies for blood. Keeping the room clean wouldn’t attract mosquitos. Don’t dump your laundry in a corner and delay washing them. Besides, mosquitoes are attracted to the scent of certain flowers, and it’s not a good idea to keep flowers in your room. Above all, keep the windows closed.

Conclusion: Despite all our effort, mosquitoes break into our rooms. Our process of repelling mosquitoes should start from our surroundings. If we don’t give mosquitoes a chance to lay their eggs in our surroundings, that’s the best thing to do. However, there can be unobtrusive places where they grow into innumerable numbers. Thus, taking care of your baby from mosquitoes needs a lot of attention. Just a bite can produce bumps on their skin, or lead to a viral disease. Following the above mentioned methods would ensure the safety of the little ones.

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