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Dos and Don'ts of Baby Bedding

Baby Bedding Ideas You Should Follow

Baby Bedding Ideas You Should Follow

When it comes to baby bedding, as a parent, you are likely to be bombarded with opinions from all around. Baby bedding can be really confusing at many levels. From puying baby bed to using it to its maintenance, it contains a lot of things that should be understood. This blog is an attempt to interest the parent about certain pointers that can be taken into consideration when it comes to selecting baby bedding. 

This will enable you to make an informed choice but in no way is an exhaustive guide on the topic, rather our effort is to bring into focus factors that should influence your choice of baby bedding. We have tried to enlist out the do’s and don’ts of baby bedding, here they are:



Sleeping is one of those things that a baby excels in and grandmas even cite the fact that small babies grow while they sleep. Now one is sure about the anecdote but these are essential parameters to be considered while choosing baby bedding:

  • Choose a Firm Mattress: We may think a cushy mattress would be ideal for a baby. On the contrary, babies come with soft bones that are yet to develop. Hence a firm mattress will serve as better support and necessary comfort for the baby. In order, to check the firmness, one can push down on the mattress and if it comes back to shape without indents, the mattress is firm enough.  
  • Use Light Breathable Materials: Babies are not capable of regulating their body temperatures, so it is easy for them to feel the ambient heat and get irritated. This, at times, can be followed by a body rash. Keeping this in mind, a baby can be provided comfort by using breathable materials for their bedding. The best material for baby bedding is cotton. 
  • Tight Fitting Sheets: Apart from the firm mattress, you also need to use bed sheets that firmly grasp the mattress. Using loose sheets can be problematic for the baby, while they shift positions during sleep (if not swaddled). Hence, it is prudent for a parent to ensure that the bedsheets are firmly held to the mattresses for the baby’s comfort.  


  • Blankets: It is a good idea not to have blankets in the baby’s crib. The blanket can be a potential choke hazard for the baby. As a parent, you might want to wait till the baby turns a year old to introduce a blanket into the crib.
  • Pillows & Stuffed Animals: Although, they make the crib look adorable, they pose the same dangers to the baby as blankets. Wait for the baby to grow into a toddler before introducing stuffed animals into the crib on the baby’s bedding. 
  • Too Much Clothing: When putting the baby to sleep make sure to have the simplest of clothes on the baby unless it is chilly outside. A lot of clothing can actually hinder the baby’s sleep cycle. Hence it can be good practice to put the baby to sleep in the simplest of clothes on the baby’s bedding. 


    While there be an abundance of sleep-related accessories in the market for the baby. It is in the best interest of the baby to have the simplest of sleeping arrangements. The baby’s comfort is paramount when it comes to the baby’s bedding. Think with a steady and practical mind while making a selection for the baby’s bedding. As a parent, you are the person best suited for making correct judgements for the baby, always have this at the back of your mind. 


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