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Beautiful Eid Gift Ideas for Your Babies

Beautiful Eid Gift Ideas for Your Babies

Beautiful Eid Gift Ideas for Your Babies

Choosing gifts for babies is not a difficult task if we follow the normal routine. However, it’s not that easy when it comes to special occasions; for instance, Eid. What would you gift your loved ones for Eid? This blog aims to provide a few Eid gift ideas for our dear readers.

We all do have various celebrations, and every celebration has its own specifications, though everything is bound by love and happiness. As it comes to Eid, it’s a celebration of sharing, caring, and of gifting too. Of course, Eid has a rich tradition and ways of celebrating.

What comes first when you think of Eid? Undoubtedly, the delicious Eid biryani. But in second place, it’s none other than a new dress. Unlike many other celebrations, having a new dress is not just a part of Eid, but a sacred custom.  

Thus, the most important and precious Eid gift is a beautiful outfit. For babies and kids, there can be no better option that offers an immediate gratification. Being that said, we could gift anything, but we are narrowing it down to dresses since it’s Eid and Eid is a celebration of new dresses too.

Eid gift for newborn babies

A baby dress, as you know, is minimal, there can be just one dress. However, we can make it into a beautiful gift but combining all other accessories such as baby socks, mittens, towels, baby soap and baby powder. All these accessories along with the dress make the perfect gift. After all, we all want our sweet hearts to look impressively cute on the day of celebration. Happykid has a special gift set for newborn babies that you can order online now.

Eid gift for one- to two-year-old babies

If the kid is between 1 and 2 years old, we need to look for a better costume for Eid. At this age, they deserve a dress which suits their age, especially occasions like this. You can give a set of dungarees. Going with a shirt, be it t-shirt or buttoned one, and trousers would be an impressive option. If they have started walking, a cute pair of booties makes the Eid gift a perfect set. Baby shoes come in various beautiful colours and designs.

Eid gift for baby boys and girls

We can give girls and boys the same dresses, since many of them are unisex. However, there are dresses as well as shoes exclusively made either for girls or boys. If t-shirts and trousers/pants make a perfect combination for boys, a cute little frock would be suitable for girls. Sleeveless frock for baby girls will be matchless.

Eid gift for babies over 2 years

A kid over two years old may expect something more than just Eid dress. When it comes to dresses. You can go with the option we discussed in the section of boys and girls. Here, you can go a bit forward, and gift chocolates along with the dress. It will definitely make a kid ultimately happy, and sharing sweets on the day of Eid is such a sweet custom.


 We have discussed how we can consider a new dress as a perfect gift for Eid. The next step, of course, is where you can get them. That’s why Happykid is running an Eid Sale exclusively for the Eid season. In this limited time period, you get a discount on all our products. You can purchase it online now. 

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