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Baby Footwear: What You Need to Know As a Parent

Baby Footwear: What You Need to Know As a Parent

Baby Footwear: What You Need to Know As a Parent

Footwear for babies is not an easy choice to make. Buying or using a pair of baby footwear is not an easy task. It raises a lot of questions too. When should a baby start wearing shoes, should it be shoes or other footwear, what should be the material, and questions never end. This blog is all about what you need to know about baby footwear.

The excitement of watching your baby taking her first steps is beyond words. Every parent wishes to see these unforgettable moments. Most parents, these days, buy baby shoes in advance, and eagerly wait for their first steps. 

When should I get shoes for my baby?

‘Do babies need to wear shoes?’ This might be a doubt most parents have. It’s debated even among pediatrics for decades. A most accepted conclusion among them is that it is not a good choice for babies to wear shoes until they start walking. In most cases babies don’t start walking until the age of 10-12 months. In some cases, they don’t walk until 15 to 16 months.

Before she is walking, we can protect her feet with socks. A pair of socks would keep their feet warm and cozy in cold weather. It also protects them from mosquito bites. Being that said, while choosing the socks, make sure that it is ultra soft, comfortable and made of pure cotton. 

Shoes while learning to walk

In fact, your baby doesn't always need to wear footwear during the process of learning to walk. You can choose to be barefoot in possible times. Walking barefoot strengthens baby’s ankles as well. However, you have to choose flexible shoes for babies for that period of time.

How to choose the best baby shoes

As it is the beginning stage, you should be more careful while choosing shoes for your baby. A wrong choice might lead to difficulties and discomforts. Keep these things in mind while you buy baby booties. 

Correct fit:  Being correct fit is universal and it’s a must-have feature despite age. For a baby, it is highly relevant. Choose the perfect fit for easy walking and comfort.

Non-slip soles: As the babies’ feet are incredibly soft, the shoes should have a non-slip sole both outer and inner. An inner sole aka padding should not be a reason for discomfort as well. An outsole with better traction helps the baby stand and walk more steadily. 

Extra Secure Closure: Babies need the utmost support, thus extra closure for their shoes is highly recommended. Let it be fastening laces or snaps, make sure it's an easy handle for you as well. Extra closure brings extra protection. 

Breathable and soft: While you choose shoes with better traction and extra grip, make sure you are not making it uncomfortable for the baby to wear them. Choose shoes with a breathable and soft upper. 

Be it stylish: You don’t need to go quality over style in the case of baby shoes. Let it be equally beautiful and comfortable. We all love our kids being beautiful in their outfits. You can buy beautiful as well as high quality baby shoes online. 

Baby footwear to avoid: All types of footwears are not suitable for babies. Crocs and flip-flops are not good options for babies at the beginning stage.

Finally, do you choose to buy baby shoes with a higher price for the sake of quality? In fact, spending more on a single pair of baby shoes is not a good idea. Babies grow incredibly fast, so do their feet. You might have to buy shoes occasionally as they grow. Buy baby shoes at affordable prices.

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