Shades of joy and comfort!

Happykid, We are a professionally managed enterprise engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of superior quality kids accessories. Our zeal and fortitude are to redefine kids lifestyle accessories concept. Standing on the grounds of perfect style and sheer elegance, we offer kids accessories that are abreast of the ever changing global fashion trends.Happykid blend marketing expertise and creativity to deliver designer kids accessories with unique designs and ultimate comfort.
Kids care industry is burgeoning in the global scenario for past few decades. Happykid - the most trustful name in the baby care industry - has been consistently growing for the last twelve years ever since its commencement in 2004. The dual and vital factors which is proven to be the powerful pillars of our entity are our expertise in the same sector and the well maintained and highly technological-state-of-art manufacturing unit which is well supported by our R&D division. Adroit knowledge and experience of the preeminent squad of happykid along with most modern technological backing aid happykid in maintaining top most quality and hygiene in all its gorgeous range of products.

Adept functioning of the entire team coupled with the business partners made it possible for us to create a strong foundation and to spread widely in kids wear sector and to create a niche In the market.

We are able to make a cogent presence all over South India and also have business centers in Qatar and UAE. The diligent approach we have towards the business right from selecting high quality yarn till packaging and distribution provides us a competitive advantage which we boast to be unique. We are committed to be the most trusted corporate in the sector by our sheer passion towards quality and care. Beyond mere aesthetic appeals, we foster the emotional strings with a cute, fun loving and innocent consumer with utmost care.


To be the most trusted brand in kids care segment and to be an icon of Good will.

Mission Statement

Commited to build strong and everlasting relationships with all our business partners and customers by providing exceptional services and also to foster business by incorporating innovative and updated changes along with indulging most modern technologies.

Core values

We believe in pursuing growth by bonding creativity, innovation and competitive inventions. We always uphold honesty and business ethics into entire aspects of our business functioning.

No compromise!

Happykid is a quality obsessed concern, we lay enormous prominence on the quality of our products. We ensure that the materials used are of the finest and supreme quality; also, style is as essential as quality is significant. All our products are subject to very stringent in-house quality check process right from receiving of raw materials.

How we made them happy?

Kids are very special. We are the people who understand that better. Their skin is very tender and soft and prone to rashes.

01. Sourcing

The quality and durability of dress materials are depended on the type and standard of yarn. Selecting the yarn is the first step involved in the process.

02. Knitting

By this process any type of yarn is manipulated to make a textile or fabric creating multiple stitches.

03. Washing

This process involves gently squishing water which have neutral ph value and with a detergent which will be free from dyes.

04. Drying

This process is done by a mechanical dryer after thorough rinsing to make it completely dry and intermittently hot air is circulated.

05. Bio Wash

Bio wash is also termed as bio polishing and is carried out by applying enzymes to the fabric at very high temperature to break off weakened fabrics.

06. Silicon Wash

This process is done to give softness, durability and stability. Silicon softness are applied which turns brittle and very hard fabrics to soft type.

07. Designing

Designing is the art of applying gorgeous and attractive designs influenced by trends and consumer cuteness in mind.

08. Cutting

This step involves cutting which is aided by cutting machines which will be adept for the type of cloth. Fabrics are cut in style and in decided shape

09. Stitching

Cut pieces are stitched or sewed in sewing station or by stitching -in -house method which work sequentelly.Sewn part are assembled together to reach at a the final form of desired dress item.

10. Quality Check

Quality check or QC in short is the process which assures the quality of the dress materials. It should be carried out with utmost care and importance as quality and hygiene is more vital.

11. Packing

The finished dress materials after quality check are packed with attractive and colorful packing which is ready for distribution. The quality of packing material is another major factor considered.